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“You’re at home when you’re here!”

Monday:  Closed

Tuesday:  “Taco Tuesday!” A full pound of awesome Taco goodness and fresh, homemade Nachos & Cheese.

Wednesday: Homemade chicken burrito, stuffed with white rice, black beans, fresh chicken and spices, and topped with green chili enchilada sauce. Served with homemade nachos & cheese.

Thursday: Chicken Stir-Fry - Oriental vegetables, chicken breast, sliced almonds and Jamaican sauce over pasta; served with garlic toast.

Friday: (Day) Crab Alfredo - Crab meat and a rich, buttery Alfredo sauce over linguini; served with garlic toast.

(Night) 8-oz Cold water Lobster Tail served with seasoned, melted butter; or 12-oz char-broiled, seasoned Rib-Eye Steak.  Either selection served with baby red potatoes and house salad.

Saturday: (Day) Chef’s Choice

(Night) LOBSTER!  

8 oz. Lobster Tail ala carte - $19.95

8 oz. Lobster Tail & 12 oz. Ribeye - $32.95

All lobster dishes served with baby red potatoes and fresh spring mix salad.

Sunday: Chef’s Choice - UFF-DAH!

Shawnee’s Full Menu  (Subject to change) “Home of the 1/3-lb Charbroiled Burger”